Our History

The Azienda Agricola Zappacosta has a recent birth; in fact, it was 2008 when I found myself at a crossroads: continue production on behalf of the local wine cooperative or set up my own farm and follow those who were my deepest values. I had the need to return to an agriculture that avoids chemical forcing. My choice was not motivated by the fashions of the moment, but it was a lifestyle choice that would put at the core the welfare and human health; first the life of each one of us, the one of my family and of my consumers.
The company ‘Zappacosta organic wines’, as mentioned above, has a birth that may appear recent, really it plants its roots in the early ‘900 with the work of my grandfather Adamo; he was the first producer and supplier of wines in my family. The discovery of some zirre, ancient Abruzzo amphorae, used to store and transport the wines belonging to my ancestor, who shared with me not only the name but also the same passion, unleashed in me the need for such change. It was as if there were small seeds hidden, buried in the folds of my soul, ready to sprout. I talked about it with my father, a good Abruzzo man of simple heart but tenacious, who supported me and believed in the birth of a range of organic wines from our own production. Here is my story, or rather “ISTORIA” which is nothing but the research of why, why I am here to talk about me and what I do. FATE, DESTINY, FREE WILL, WILL OF GOD, call it as you prefer. The only certain thing is that there were great little events that have weaved in the great little book of my life, that led me to the discovery of my land, of its oldest fruits with their colors and real and authentic flavors through the technique of respect: respect for the traditions, respect for rituals and the regeneration of vital cycles.