Another story

I am happy if someone asks me to tell the story of Zappacosta family. I tell of the immense value that is contained in the word “Tratturo” . The Tratturo Magno is a bristling road that climbs from the valley of the river Pescara, bordering my property and disappearing behind the hill. Once it was the road that started from L’Aquila and reached Foggia, three hundred kilometers of dusty and dangerous roads traveled by millions and millions of sheep, goats, lambs and thousands of pastors. It was the way of the wool. It was called “Transumanza”, trandhumance, and it was the fulcrum of the economy that has governed the fate of my beloved Abruzzo for two thousand years. In their honor I planted right there a big vine “Pecorino”. This is the ancient history of my company.